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The American Dream. It’s a beautiful sentiment and something that has provided many with a noble aim. But for some people, the Monday-Friday, 9-5 commute isn’t for them. Likewise, while college is of great benefit for many, the crushing student debt that young people are accumulating, causing them to have to work out of a deficit before they can even truly make money for themselves. But Kyle Dennis, now a millionaire stock trader, knew there was a different path he wanted to follow.

After entering into a career as a Real Estate Analyst, Kyle Dennis found quickly that the two-hour roundtrip commute in LA traffic on top of the 9-5 grind wasn’t exactly where he saw himself ten years down the line. Plus, Kyle missed having the ability to travel and have a life outside of work.

In the midst of this craziness, Kyle Dennis made time to learn a bit about stock trading – something that, while not evident to him at the time, would turn out to change his life forever. After he grew weary of learning and not playing, Kyle decided to invest $1,000 of his own money into a trading account. This first step, which would ultimately lead him down a path of earning $1 million in trading profit, was now in place, but the change certainly didn’t happen overnight.

After some successes and failures in trading, Kyle Dennis knew it was time to take his game to the next level. It was in this mindset that he was tipped off by a fellow trader to Jason Bond. An expert professional at relaying “trading patterns” to the newcomer, Jason helped refine Kyle’s talents and educated him on how to strategically look at the market with patience and a careful eye. Soon after this mentorship, Kyle resigned from his job as a Real Estate Analyst to become a full-time stock trader.

Now, with over $3 million in accumulated earnings, Kyle Dennis is free to set up a daily schedule that works for him. Excited about the future of the industry and the possibilities opening up for people looking to get into trading, he loves helping people achieve their dreams through the financial freedom that stock trading can bring.

Follow Kyle Dennis as he blogs about some of his favorite travels, foods to try in new places, and how to find freedom in the everyday.

What Is Biotech Breakouts?

Kyle Dennis is a professional trader and educator with Raging Bull Trading, as well as the founder of Biotech Breakouts. Using his knowledge of trading from Jason Bond Picks, Kyle offers a comprehensive training program on biotech stock trading. Using his 3-step short-term trading system, learn about how trading works in the stock market, before learning about biotech stocks in detail. The programs that Kyle Dennis offers as part of his lessons are the Sniper Report, FDA Insider Alerts, Option Rocket, and The Nucleus.

What makes Biotech Breakouts such a great program? Kyle Dennis holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). A combination of his background and natural skill as an entrepreneur helped Kyle achieve the success that he has experienced, and is passionate about sharing his strategies with other ambitious traders. Other programs that Kyle offers through Raging Bull Trading and Biotech Breakouts include Dollar Ace, Sniper Report, Fast 5 Trades, and Trade With Kyle.