Traveling is an activity that most people love, but many Americans do not travel to places for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons that they rarely travel is the financial strain that it can have. With more young adults starting their careers with students each year, the concept of traveling has become less common, as it is difficult to find extra money for the extra expenses that come with. The good news is that the new year also brought better prices for some of the most popular destinations. Here are some of the cities that are both exciting and affordable.

St. Helena
For those who enjoy thrill-seeking activities, a trip to St. Helena may be just the trip that you need. Visitors can explore the extinct volcano while hiking and enjoying the breathtaking views that come along. For those who do not want to hike, the surrounding communities have delicious, local cuisine while enjoying the incredible views. In addition to its appeal to thrill seekers, St. Helena is also great for individuals that can appreciate its beauty from a distance.

Kansas City, Missouri
An up-and-coming city in the United States is Kansas City, Missouri, and is attracting more visitors each year. The city recently finished up on major renovations in areas that needed revitalization. Since its completion, the city has been promoting a renovated area and includes attractions like the National World War I Museum, the American Jazz Museum, as well as retail shops, restaurants, and nightclubs. As a result, the city can now accommodate a wider range of visitors with varying interests, as they continue to expand Kansas City.

Matera, Italy
For those who are looking to travel internationally, the city of Matera, Italy could be a great option. Matera has been working on revamping itself since being abandoned in the 1950s. They have seen considerable success with the revamp, as more restaurants, retail shops, and nightclubs open up. It is becoming a popular option, as more visitors find that they enjoy the new businesses while appreciating the city’s history.

Toronto, Canada
For travelers that are not interested in traveling across the ocean, but would still like to travel to another country could consider visiting Toronto, Canada. Located next to the Canadian border with The United States, the trip to Toronto is reasonable from most U.S. locations. With a wide variety of attractions and convenient location, Toronto continues to appeal to more audiences each year.

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