It has long been said that travel is good for the soul; now, science is showing that travel is good for the body as well. Traveling involves new experiences, new excursions, and new environments. Whether the intrepid traveler is alone or with a group of like-minded individuals, these new exposures have a lasting impact on both body and mind.

Travel Encourages Fitness
While travel often involves sitting for endless hours in a series of vehicles of various persuasions, it also involves a good deal of footwork. Travelers tend to want to see everything in the new locale; this is why the vehicles were endured in the first place. This sightseeing involves getting out and walking. Hiking, which is better yet, is also often involved. Some places are ideal for exploring from the seat of a bicycle — others from horseback. The key is to get physically active while exploring and experiencing new things.

Travel Reduces Stress
Experienced travelers will not be surprised to hear that travel tackles stress levels and brings them down. Science has shown that travel increases happiness and decreases depression. One study showed that even a few days upon returning from travel, travelers felt less anxious, well-rested, and in a more positive mood. These improvements lasted for weeks after having returned.

Travel Improves Brain Health
Travel encourages its enthusiasts to become more aware; this is true on both global and cultural levels. New experiences also cause an increase in cognitive flexibility, which keeps the mind sharp. Studies have also shown a connection that exists between travel and creative increases, personal growth, and deeper awareness culturally. Travelers and those who study abroad also are prone to be more open and more emotionally stable.

Travel Boosts the Immune System
Because travel exposes its participants to new and different environments, the body is encouraged to create stronger antibodies. This creates a significant boost to the immune system. Antibodies are those tiny proteins protecting the immune system from those pathogens which are harmful. Research shows that exposure to minor illnesses and a bit of dirt keep the body and gut at a stronger level. This does not preclude using basic hygiene on the road, but travelers need not fear a few germs.

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