There are many places throughout the USA, where it is easy to spend time in nature. These destinations can be perfect for a quick getaway. Many of them are very scenic, and all offer activities for nature lovers to participate in.

The Black Canyon
The Black Canyon of Gunnison is one example of this. Its rock spires and cliffs are considered among the best in North America. Hikers can navigate the many trails, whether they are amateurs or seasoned experts. For the most experienced hikers, there is even a trail that takes them to the inner canyon. But hiking isn’t the only thing to do there. Visitors can also go fishing, kayaking, or rock climbing. Others choose to visit the canyon to get a glimpse of its wildlife. 

Dry Tortugas
For a calmer getaway, another place to get close to nature is Dry Tortugas. These seven islands are small and intimate but still worth visiting for their history and some truly unforgettable scenery. The highlight of a visit to this destination is Fort Jefferson. This coastal fortress, though never actually completed, was the site of a Civil War prison facility. Aside from the Fort, the islands are also a great place to go snorkeling or swimming. Visitors can relax on the beach, go fishing, and engage in bird watching. 

Garden Of The Gods
A national landmark that puts visitors in touch with nature is the Garden of the Gods. This park has 15 miles of space where visitors can go hiking or horseback riding. The trails take hikers and riders through the park, providing excellent views. There is no lack of activities at this park, including Segway tours and opportunities for rock climbing. In addition, the park has many interactive exhibits that teach visitors about its history. 

Hamilton Pool
An unforgettable experience is seeing the Hamilton Pool. Its 500-foot waterfall empties into a pool of jade-green water. Visitors are always allowed to swim in the water unless the pool’s bacteria levels are too high to do so safely. To get to the pool, visitors have to pay the entrance fee to get into Travis County Park. Those visiting between May and October are required to make reservations for the park before arriving there. 

These are just a few of the best nature destinations the U.S. has to offer.