It might not be safe to travel, but some people can’t stay home forever. As the world continues to battle COVID-19, life must proceed. After a long time of staying in, some people need to get on airplanes for business trips or to reunite with family; their jobs and relationships depend on it.

While it is still discouraged to travel during this critical time if the matter is an emergency and you have to get on that airplane, here are three items to take with you. They will help you to stay safe during the flight.

You might be tired of hearing it by now, but you should always leave the house wearing a mask. This is more important if you’re going to get on an airplane. You should have a mask on throughout the entire flight. If the flight is a long one, you should take more than one mask with you so that you can put on a fresh one. They might be uncomfortable, but they save lives.

Just like masks, plastic gloves protect you from touching contaminated surfaces and dragging the germs home on your hands. Some people prefer not to wear gloves during flights due to their tendency to become sweaty and damage skin. If you decide not to wear gloves, take disinfecting wipes to clean your seat and the surfaces around you. Be sure to take a shower as soon as you are able to.

Hand Sanitizer
There should always be a hand sanitizer in your pocket when you are traveling. You should apply it frequently, inside and out of the plane. Small, convenient bottles are available for traveling purposes; you can find them at a pharmacy or in the airport itself. If you decide not to wear gloves during your flight, hand sanitizer is an excellent alternative to keep with you.

The world is beginning to move again. People who care for their health and the health of others are taking precautions not to pick up and spread the virus. If you need to travel, make sure you have these accessories in your suitcase. They could save your life.